“Chloe’s Spirit is a gripping paranormal romance/mystery that easily captures a reader’s attention with its fantastic story line and extensive detail. Ann Simas seamlessly intertwines an intriguing murder mystery with a budding romance as well as a love that spans beyond the grave to create a well rounded, fully intriguing tale that has a little something for everyone. I highly recommend picking up a copy of CHLOE’S SPIRIT.”

Stacie Theis,; BeachBoundBooks on Facebook

“I found [CHLOE’S SPIRIT] to be a delightful story and even shed some tears! I was drawn into the story quickly and found it hard to put it down. I highly recommend it for a fun and stimulating read.”

Book Lover (Reader, Amazon)

Chloe’s Spirit is a “good read.” The characters are believable (even the spirit), the pacing good, and the story compelling enough that I wanted to read it in one sitting.

Jan in Oregon (Reader, Amazon)

“Excellent read. CHLOE’S SPIRIT…characters are engaging from the beginning, and the plot is interesting. There is a lot of humor in this well written book. I stayed up late to finish reading it. I am excited that there are follow-up books on the horizon.”

lfb68 (Reader)

“I just loved [CHLOE’S SPIRIT]. Chloe and Marsh were incredible and Mary was just awesome. I had never read this author before but I’m going to see what else she has to offer. Such a great book.”

Trish Roberts (Reader, Amazon Kindle)

“Wonderful. I felt like I was there and feel like I know the characters personally.”

Jax (Reader, Amazon Kindle)

“I am reading CHLOE’S SPIRIT now and very much enjoying it! I always love to find a new author with great ideas!”

Mary Geiger (Reader, posted to Ann Simas, Author on Facebook)

“Ten books that have stayed with me in some way! Here goes!
Little Women
Flowers For Algernon
Sarah’s Key

Nancy Drew…the whole series!
The Husband’s Secret
The Hound of The Baskervilles
The Kitchen House
Do Over!

Chloe ‘s Spirit
Green Eggs and Ham
I know that’s actually eleven, but I just couldn’t leave out my favorite Dr. Seuss!”

Terry Fry Ferraris, posting on Facebook, December 2013

“From the title I would assume the book to be about a spirit named Chloe but that is not the case. This book was surprising and also heartwarming. I loved the characters and how they developed with each other. I would highly recommend this book and author to others.”

A Southern Lady’s Book Blog, July 17, 2014


“SECOND CHANCE is filled with gripping suspense and I found myself surprised numerous times as the events unfolded. The continuing romance of Chloe and Marsh [CHLOE’S SPIRIT] and rekindling of an old relationship bring tenderness to this otherwise intense story. FOOLISH HEART is more about forgiveness and healing, physically and mentally. The shocking events from SECOND CHANCE leave the characters seeking a return to normalcy, but with debilitating injuries and criminals still on the loose, it’s difficult. Danger does not escape the characters of FOOLISH HEART and as love blossoms evil is on a quest to end it all.

I felt as though I was on an emotional roller coaster as Sarajane finally has the opportunity to experience the love she deserves only to face losing it again. FOOLISH HEART has just enough suspense to keep readers on edge, while the numerous love affairs give them a reason to smile.

CHLOE’S SPIRIT AFTERSTORIES has a little something for everyone. Fans of suspense, romance, and/or paranormal will be drawn to Ann Simas’s ability to create a well written believable story. She does a remarkable job developing her numerous characters, which is a feat in itself. I am a fan of the AFTERSTORIES. Often times I wonder what happens, not to only the main characters, but the supporting characters after the story ends. Ann Simas addresses just this as she brings all the missing pieces together to complete the puzzle.

Stacie Theis,; BeachBoundBooks on Facebook

“If you enjoyed CHLOE’S SPIRIT you must read the [AFTERSTORIES: SECOND CHANCE and FOOLISH HEART]! Ann Simas builds the characters beautifully! You feel like you know them! I love the way she incorporates the characters from CHLOE’S SPIRIT and weaves them into this delightful story…chock full of danger, romance, action, and plenty of paranormal activity. I hope this author keeps pumping them out!”

Book Lover (Reader, Amazon)


“The characters are so engaging [in FIRST STAR] that you won’t want to put the book down.”

lfb68 (Reader, Amazon)

“FIRST STAR is a spellbinding romantic thriller that will leave readers on the edge of their seats and have them yearning for more…First Star is fast paced filled with intriguing and well developed characters that captivate readers and draw them into the suspense. Readers will also entertained by the passionate love affair developing between Kell and Alex as well as shocked by the events that lead to the stalker. I highly recommend picking up a copy of FIRST STAR.”

Stacie Theis,; BeachBoundBooks on Facebook

“After reading the teaser for FIRST STAR, I was expecting a sweet romance novel. Well, FIRST STAR is anything BUT! Add in stalking, terror, major family deception and you have a page turner from the beginning that is hard to put down! The characters are very credible, which is typical with this author’s work. I can’t wait for the sequel!”

Book Lover (Reader, Amazon)


“[BLESSED ARE THE EAGLES] is a great mystery and love story with some interesting Hopi Indian folklore. Well written and good character development.”

Gary Wolfe (Reader, Amazon Kindle)


“Warning! [LOOSE ENDS] is very hard to put down! May be hazardous to your sleep…No joke…I was up till 1:15 this morning because I had to see how it ended!!!”

Mary Geiger (Reader, posted to Ann Simas, Author on Facebook)

“Ann Simas has done it again. LOOSE ENDS is a dynamic mystery-love story…with many twists and turns right up to the end. Highly recommended!”

Gary Wolfe (Reader, Amazon Kindle)

ALL’S WELL: An Eclectic Collection of Short Stories

“Eclectic Collection is right! There is everything from family drama to the paranormal to suspense to romance to aliens (from outer space) in [ALL’S WELL] by Ann Simas. I especially enjoyed Who’s There?, a suspenseful tale of a woman obsessed with being prepared for any event and having it pay off big-time.”

Book Lover (Reader, Amazon)


(Written as Annie Sims, Harlequin Worldwide)

“[Ann Simas] brings a charming new voice to the romance genre. THE SUGAR CUP is a delight. Everyone should have a dog like Daisy.”

Sherryl Woods, author of Where Azaleas Bloom

“Get ready for [Ann Simas], a wonderfully fresh new voice in romance. THE SUGAR CUP, was delightful, with characters I rooted for, a puzzle that was fun to solve and the perfect blend of comedy, mystery and old-fashioned enchantment. I loved it.”

Eileen Dreyer, author of It Begins with a Kiss

“In THE SUGAR CUP, [Ann Simas] stirs up a fine concoction of ingredients: a strong hero, an equally strong heroine, mystery, spookiness…and romance.”

Stella Cameron, author of Darkness Bound


Author Note

The Sugar Cup is currently out of print. However, it is often available through some online bookstores and on eBay: