Chloe's Spirit

Chloe’s Spirit

Mystery, Romance—and a Little Paranormal Activity

Earthly and otherworldly spirits collide for the ride of a lifetime when Chloe decides to solve a 100-year-old murder. As if her budding relationship with Detective Marsh Fielding isn’t facing enough complications, life takes an unlikely turn when he visits her house for the first time.

Chloe's Spirit Afterstories

Chloe’s Spirit Afterstories

Mystery, Romance—and More Paranormal Activity!

Luce and JD have a strained relationship. Sarajane’s unrequited love shows up, and it seems Dominic has been living his own nightmare. Together, they are determined to stop the psychopaths intent on killing Luce, who presided over their trial.

First Star

First Star

Mystery/Suspense, Love Story

As Alex’s relationship with single dad Kell grows serious, the stalker who’s been hounding her for months turns violent. Fearing for Kell and his daughters, she distances herself in an effort to protect them. In the stalker’s eyes, is it too little, too late? Alex is about to find out.

First Star Afterstories

First Star Afterstories

Two novels in one book: All That Glitters & Starry Night

Carolina guards her secrets. Jake wants Carolina and he’s going to help her, whether she likes it or not. Dani is looking for a man to love, but runs scared when she finds Lucas. They help Carolina face her secret past, but will they all walk away from the ultimate standoff alive?


Blessed Are the Eagles

Blessed Are the Eagles

Mystery/Thriller, Love Story, Mystical Hopi Elements

Finn and Callie both harbor secrets. Will their feelings for each other be strong enough to withstand the evil stalking them? With the incarnation of the mystical Hopi Eagle kachina, Callie and Finn will be staggered by one truth they could not have anticipated.


Loose Ends

Sexy Thriller, Mystery/Suspense, Love Story, & Psychic Dreams

Jessie’s dreams foretell murder. She hires Mac to protect the next victim—her best friend—but something goes awry. Mac is skeptical of psychic mumbo-jumbo, but he believes in Jessie. Will the killers be found before Jessie’s latest dream—the one of her own death—comes true?


Heaven Sent

Supernatural Thriller, Love Story

SWhat does a woman do when she’s given a mission from God to save a child from the Dark Place? Sophie Doyle is about to find out, even if it means she has to sacrifice her own life for Bella’s.

Black Moon Rising

Black Moon Rising

Paranormal Thriller, Love Story

Single mom Sunny finds herself inexplicably assaulted by visions of horrible things to come. Luca is a cop. He can’t stop the evil lunatics intent on stealing her children, but Sunny can, and she’ll do anything to save her kids and the man she’s fallen in love with. Anything.

Fossil, Colorado Books

Here and Gone

Here and Gone

Thriller, Love Story (Book 1)

Hannah Mason, a wife and mom one day, is a widow without a child the next. Two years later, her world shatters from a shocking revelation. Sheriff Noah Ward agrees to help her, but both soon discover the truth is far more insidious than parental abduction.

Disappearing Act

Disappearing Act

Thriller, Love Story (Book 2)

Georgina Flannery is on the run. She’s lived in six states and Fossil is her next destination. She takes a wrong turn and ends up in a creek, only to be rescued by Brant Ward. Will Georgie and Brant survive the evil that pursues her?

Run or Don't

Run or Don’t

Thriller, Love Story (Book 3)

Jules Ward has a stalker, but she doesn’t taken him seriously until a severed elk head is left in her driveway. Beck Ford likes Fossil and wants to live there. Jules hires Beck to find her stalker, but life has other plans for them. Plans that might not end happily-ever-after.

Now or Never

Now or Never

Thriller, Love Story (Book 4) — Release date, 05.13.22

Was Kit Piper kidnapped by mistake? She escapes and holes up in a cabin. Simon Ward is minding his own business when she falls flat on her face in the hallway. She’s a cop, he’s a cop. Can they find and stop the mastermind who orchestrated the kidnapping?


Grace Gabbiano Mysteries


Dressed to Die

(Book 1)    The first dead guy is dressed in an evening gown, a woman’s wig, and a tiara and the second one turns up the same way. Can Grace unravel the mess of clues before the killer comes after her?


Sliced to Die

(Book 2)    More than one horny man in the county has been seduced with sex, only to have his kidney stolen. Turning faux tricks on the street nets Grace a new social network and more trouble than she bargained for.


Buried to Die

(Book 3)    A body farm in the middle of Coburg’s largest hazelnut orchard? Will Grace unravel the body count before the killer adds her to his list?


Quilted to Die

(Book 4)    Grace Gabbiano left Seattle PD under a dark cloud, but as a sergeant with Coburg PD, she’s put all that behind her. For some people, the past brings back fond memories. For Grace, the past comes back to haunt her.


Taken to Die

(Book 5)    Mysterious crop circles, unexplained bright lights in the sky, UFOs, animal mutilations—what in the galaxy is going on in Coburg? Grace Gabbiano is determined to find out.


Praying to Die

(Book 6)     Father Sidney’s gone off to find himself. His search doesn’t end well.


Framed to Die

(Book 7)     Someone wants Joe Gabbiano dead. Can Grace save him before they succeed?



Hidden to Die

(Book 8)     A Coburg icon dies and her valuables are missing. Did she hide them, or have they been stolen?


Andi Comstock Supernatural Mysteries

Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke

(Book 1)    Andi Comstock starts a new job, but it delivers an unexpected “perk.” Unused to talking to the dead, she seeks guidance from a priest. With Father Riley’s help, the unlikely source of the voices is revealed, as is the possibility of a murder. Detective Jack Harmon is invited into their investigation, but will Andi’s determination to expose the killer on her own result in her talking to the dead in their own dimension?



(Book 2)    Murder for hire isn’t something Andi ever thought about, but when she gets a plea for help to stop a murder-for-hire contract, she’s all in. Father Riley, her sleuthing cohort, sometimes compares her to St. Jeanne d’Arc, fighting battles on behalf of others. Andi’s no saint, but neither is she a coward. When someone–dead or not–asks for help, she can’t just walk away. Not even if it means putting her own life on the line.


Angel Babies

(Book 3)    When angel-baby Lucy asks Andi Comstock to find the woman who killed her and her mother before the baby-snatcher strikes again, what’s Andi supposed to do? Left to her own devices, because her detective boyfriend Jack Harmon can’t quite get his brain around her new celestial moniker, The Chosen One, Andi devises a plan to find the baby thief. The problem is, she may have to give up her own life to ensure success.



(Book 4)    A firefighter named Bucky dies in a mill fire. Three others are injured, including Andi’s brother. After Bucky is cremated, he enlists Andi’s help to find the arsonist. Andi has helped the Smokies before, but this time, things are different. This time she encounters other supernatural elements at play…elements she’s not sure how to defeat. Will that leave Andi talking to the Smokies in their world instead of hers?

The Wrong Wicca

The Wrong Wicca

(Book 5)    Something different this way comes. A dead woman asks Andi to help find her murdered body. For the first time, it’s not a cremated Smokie seeking assistance, which leaves Andi to wonder, is this going to be the new norm when it comes to talking with the dead? And what’s up with the magic trunk?

Last Rites

Last Rites

(Book 5) – Release date 10.21.22    Georgia is kidnapped, shot, and left for dead. While her body lies in the ICU, Georgia seeks out Andi to help her find out who wanted her dead. The deeper Andi digs, the more convoluted the story around Georgia gets. And then there’s the man Georgia loves.


Santa’s Helper

Santa’s Helper

(Book 1)    Lily Hammond hires out as a personal shopper for Christmas. Sean D’Arcy has never considered hiring a personal shopper for Christmas, but then he’s never met an elf like Lily before, either.

Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane

(Book 2)    It’ll be a cold day on Candy Cane Lane before Murph falls for Esme, the daughter of the surgeon he holds responsible for him never being able to get back in the game. Can her persistent seven-year-old who loves Christmas be the glue that binds them all together?

Let It Snow

Let It Snow

(Book 3)    Sylvie’s hired to decorate Micah’s home for Christmas. He hates surprises, and really, did she have to fall off the ladder just because he yelled at her? The weather outside is frightful, but inside Micah’s house, it’s just delightful.



(Book 4)    Who moves their Christmas-baking business in December, anyway? Tate heads to Christmas Valley to find out what’s going on. No one is more surprised than he is when Charley, the chief baker, answers his knock on the FruityCakes door.

Sleigh Bride

Sleigh Bride

(Book 5)    Despite Rory’s best intentions, her heart rate does a little reindeer gallop over Coop. Would it be so bad to agree to his plan to “court” her for two weeks before she decides what her answer to his marriage proposal is going to be?


Angels on the Rooftop

(Book 6)    Two guardian angels, trying to earn their wings. Jossamyn Lamb, unimpressed by Mr. Hollywood. Lachlan Campbell, ready for a life change. The angels have eight days to get them together. Will they make it?


Deck the Gnomes

(Book 7)    There’s something quirky about the Christmas gnomes for sale in the Gingerbread Cottage. Are they quirky enough to convince Bonnie Hall to marry Griff Conte? Both will be surprised at what can happen when the lights are off inside Gingerbread Cottage.


Back-Door Santa

(Book 8)    Spenser Pope wants Stevie Bell to notice him. An unexpected kiss changes everything, but Stevie isn’t ready to turn her heart over to him, or is she? Spense knows how to pick a lock, but can he unlock Stevie’s frozen heart by Christmas?

Jingle Bell Clock

Jingle Bell Clock

(Book 9)    Tally Barrow awakens from a year-long coma believing she hates Christmas. And who the heck is Sam Reed, a guy who claims to be in love with her? A wacky Christmas clock keeps showing up on her doorstep and it has a message for Tally. All she has to do is listen.

Reindeer Blitz

Reindeer Blitz

(Book 10)     Heartbroken, Jani Fridley feels an affinity for Vixen, the crazy reindeer who ran her off the road. Ryker Manning can salve Jani’s broken heart, but he’s had his own heart flayed in the past. Vixen, bless her sweet magic heart, is determined to wake them both up.


Holly Jollies

(Book 11)    Holly lost her Christmas spirit when her mother forced her to enter a beauty pageant at age 11. Are Ash and his three-year-old son, Hank, what it takes for her to find it again?


Yule Loge

(Book 12)    Cassie’s been fired as an editor and relocates to Christmas Valley. She expects people there to know the difference between LOG and LOGE, for heaven’s sake! Rock, a detective who’s in charge of the Yule Loge Festival, has other ideas.



Merry Witchy Christmas

Merry Witchy Christmas

(Book 1) – Release date 11.18.22    Avery Lark thinks it will be fun to be a witch for the kids yelling trick-or-treat on her front porch. She doesn’t expect 3-year-old Jett to show up, thinking she wants to eat him. Then Jett’s single dad comes knocking…



All's Well: An Eclectic Collection of Short Stories

All’s Well

An Eclectic Collection of Short Stories

Seven short stories guaranteed to make you laugh, make you cry, make you think…and maybe even give you goosebumps.

No Place to Cry / Brave Little Soldier / The RBs / One More Time / K-I-S-S-I-N-G / Who’s There? / The Three Bares